Suzie Shihshin Wu is a Therapist based in USA. My areas of speciality include Coping Skills, Emotional Disturbance, Life Coaching, Life Transitions, Parenting, Peer Relationships, School Issues, Self Esteem, Stress, Women's Issues. This profile is currently unclaimed; please validate the details are current when communicating with the mental health professional.

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( English | 中文 ) Therapy is an opportunity. It is an invitation to start healing. We discover various aspects of ourselves, looking into issues from new perspectives, increase self-awareness, and the potential to promote a better quality of life. I am professional, respectful and warm to every person I treat. Together, we create treatment goals that settled in your needs and best result. Also, I am a bilingual therapist and have a decade of practice with Asian Americans especially Chinese immigrants. Whether you feel no belonging in opposing cultures, or how to raise second generation immigrant children, you can work through this journey with me. I specialize in clinical presentations like depression, anxiety, family and relationships, parenting, and immigration. During my practice in NYC post 9/11, I gained clinical trainings in evidence-based practice with people suffering from trauma, grief/loss, and chronic illness. Currently, my practice is also integrated with mindfulness and self-compassion. Do you feel life is almost falling apart? Do you want to improve your mood and relationship? Are school and career choices overwhelming? I can empathize and may provide help. I invite you to reach out and see if we can work collaboratively. Together, this can be the beginning of healing and rebuild, and soon, the possibility of change gradually arrives. 你對生活感到失望?對生命感到迷惘嗎?你總對自己或他人生氣?時常感到傷心或者緊張?你想改善婚姻以及家人關係、還是人際關係總是讓你煩惱?大學生活以及生涯規劃壓力大到讓你喘不過氣?青少年孩子讓你苦惱還是你的特殊 需求孩子讓你心疲力盡? 同樣身為美國移民,一路從留學、工作成家、養兒育女、現在也開始掛心著年邁的父母,我能夠體會你的難處,同理你的心情。我的心理治療專業訓練能夠提供你所需要的服務與幫助。在過去十多年的臨床工作經驗中,我秉持著「專業、溫暖、尊重對待每一個走進治療室的人」的工作態度,我相信每個人的經驗都是獨特的,而他們所遭遇到的困境也是唯一詮釋的。 也許此刻的你正在低潮與失望中,但我可以在其中看見你的正面能量與可能性。在治療關係中,我堅守著不批判與保密原則,尊重文化與個人差異性的原則。當你感到安全且被聆聽,就能夠放心的與我對談。 身為一位中英雙語的心理治療師,我的優勢在於接受西方心理諮商的專業訓練外,對於東方社會文化及人們有切身認識。我的工作經驗廣泛於各年層,包括兒童青少年精神診斷與治療,成人常見的心理健康問題以及年老失智與慢性疾病所造成的心理狀況。我擅長面對的心理失調包括:憂鬱症,焦慮症,家庭及婚姻狀況,親子議題,工作職場問題,人際關係,以及移民適應。 在紐約工作時期,正逢9/11世貿大樓襲擊後期幾年,我接受了許多創傷治療的實證心理治療方法以及訓練,這些經驗讓我能夠更有效的幫助因為創傷、失去親友、失業、經濟危機、身心障礙而走在人生低潮的朋友們。在治療取向上,心理動力心理治療、系統理論、家庭治療,以及問題解決中心治療法是我結合的工作法則。此外,緣於近幾年我的個人成長與體驗,我也將正念療法、接納與承諾療法,以及自我關愛納入我的工作方式。 心理治療是一個自我邀約,療癒以及重建的契機。透過協談的過程,我們在心靈裡深耕種子,學會對自我關愛。心理治療能持續不斷地提供機會讓我們看到不同層面的自己,從不同角度認識所遭遇的問題,增強自我覺察以及解決問題的能力。漸漸地,你能體驗到個人生活品質與生命價值提升。 誠摯地邀請你傾聽自己心裡的聲音,回應需要被照顧的心情。我提供免費的簡短電話諮詢,讓你能與我聯絡進而認識,了解我們是否合適在諮商中繼續相知相惜。這個機會,是你給自己的生命禮物,是個自我觀照的開始,而你所期盼的改變已經慢慢發生。

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Columbia University School of Social Work


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