Are You Struggling With Self Esteem?

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Self-esteem has to do with a person’s confidence, feelings of adequacy, and the overall way they think of themselves. If someone is unsure of themselves, they may feel unworthy, nervous, or sad. Self-esteem issues can also stem from other mental health concerns, such as anxiety, trauma, or depression.

Available Treatment Options

The bulk of counseling interventions for improving self-esteem include challenging negative thought patterns. Understanding the root of these thoughts can also be helpful in therapy. Therapists and counselors can help people process and resolve harmful childhood messages, challenge negative thoughts, and set goals for self-empowerment and self-love.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Self Esteem

Emily Cassidy, LCPC



I meet clients where they are, and provide support and tools in a judgement-free manner. I enjoy helping my clients navigate through challenges that come up in their lives, and at the same time provide tools to help manage their mental health long-term. Using strategies based primarily on cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approaches, I provide a suggested framework to help my clients succeed...
Sydney believes everyone has a story worth telling and is worthy of a safe space to share. She is passionate about working with children, teenagers and young adults and seeing them grow. Whether you are looking for support for yourself or your child/ teenager Sydney encourages you to take that first step of courage and reach out!

Ashleigh McLeod, MA, LMHC



Ashleigh is passionate about helping individuals and families discover a deeper sense of who they are. She enjoys coming alongside clients, offering hope and healing in places where they feel stuck. Ashleigh creates a strong connection with her clients which she believes is foundational for facilitating growth and change.

Elizabeth Aulds, LMHC



Elizabeth is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 15 years of experience working with youth and adults going through life transitions, a history of trauma as the result of physical or sexual abuse, struggle with depression, anxiety, grief and loss.

Candice Mitchell



Does it feel like your life is just not working for you? You want to make changes, but you are not sure where to start. Fear, worry, and shame can paralyze your mind and stifle your creativity. Whether working with individuals, couples, or a family, I want to know you and understand how we can improve your life, in a safe and supportive environment. I have experience with depression, anxiety,…