A hand turning a page in the Bible.

What Does the Bible Say About Counseling?

If you’re a Christian going through mental health issues, you may find yourself wondering what the Bible says about counseling. Does the Bible’s teaching condone or condemn therapy? The short answer is, “Yes!” The Bible is the first form of support and therapy

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Woman wearing a jean jacket with her hands clasped in her lap

Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder and Treatment Options

If you or someone you love can’t stop or control your alcohol consumption despite its adverse impacts on your life, you may have alcohol use disorder. This post will help you understand this disorder, its symptoms, and treatment options. What is Alcohol Use

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Adjusting and Coping in a World of Constant Change

You’ve probably heard the adage: the only thing that’s certain in life is that change will happen. But how do you go about adjusting to change in a constantly changing world, with rapid technological shifts, people coming and going from your life, and

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Person walking down the road carrying a brown satchel.

Why is Changing Careers is So Hard?

You may be familiar with this experience. You’re uninspired at your current job, coming to work every day is difficult, and you’re itching for something new. You’re unhappy with your circumstances, but the thought of changing careers makes your palms sweat and your

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colored blocks spelling out nonbinary

Exploring the Different Types of Gender Identity

Research found that 5.6% of U.S. adults identify as LGBT, 0.6% as transgender, and 0.2% as other (queer, etc.), according to Gallup’s 2020 update on lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender identification. These percentages are rising, with each younger generation often feeling more comfortable

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A close-up of an older woman's hands holding hands with someone else

How to Cope With Aging Parents and Anger

Watching your parents experience the challenges that come with aging can be difficult. Watching your aging parents become angry because they are experiencing these challenges can be heartbreaking. How can you be a supportive member of your parents’ lives even when they are

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Finding Inclusive Therapists

You decided to pursue therapy and you’re interested in finding an inclusive therapist who can understand you and your specific lifestyle. But how and where do you start the search for a therapist that matches your unique needs? In today’s post, we’ll explain

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A child laying on the floor playing with blocks

Signs Your Child Needs Counseling

Are you a parent looking out for signs your child needs counseling? You may find yourself concerned about your child, nervous about their struggle, and searching for a solution. Childhood is not all sunshine and rainbows. As a parent, you know this. Learning

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Hands playing a guitar

Understanding and Embracing Integrative Therapies

Your mind, body, and spirit are connected. The way you treat each affects the others. That’s why integrative therapies work toward healing your whole person. Integrative therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines therapeutic tools and approaches to fit each individual’s needs.

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A man in a hoodie sitting with hist arms crossed in front of him.

Everything You Need to Know About Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin is a common prescription painkiller often used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Being opioid-based, it also has the potential for dependence and addiction. Vicodin addiction and misuse is a growing problem in the U.S. and a significant contributor to the country’s

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A man sitting on a sofa with his face in his hands, surrounded by boxes.

Coping With Job Burnout

Coping with job burnout can feel like fighting an uphill battle. You’re more tired than you’ve ever been, you don’t feel fulfilled, you’re irritable, and you have a certain cynicism regarding work that won’t ease up. While not a medical diagnosis, job burnout

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Two women sitting on a sofa talking

How to Tell If Your Therapist Doesn’t Like You

Therapy can make you feel vulnerable. So, it’s natural to be curious about the person you’re sharing the space with — your therapist. You may wonder how to tell if your therapist doesn’t like you? And, does it really matter? The point of

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five stacks of coins with plants growing on top of them

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Like many other essential healthcare services, therapy is usually not free. So, how much does therapy cost? While it’s impossible to give an exact answer due to factors like insurance, area, and service, this post will provide you with an idea of what

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Multi-ethnic group of seniors wearing fitness attires exercising outdoors

Embracing the Aging Process

People live in an age-obsessed culture, yet the aging process is an unavoidable aspect of being human. It’s difficult embracing the aging process when you see advertisements for products that try to sell you youth in a bottle everywhere you turn. Somehow, western

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Young people sitting on sofa wearing jeans and sneakers holding different gadgets such as laptop, tablet and phone

8 Common Questions About Internet Addiction

You’ve likely joked about spending too much time online. You may even cringe when you get your weekly screen time report. Who doesn’t? But there is a difference between spending more time than you think you should online and internet addiction. When you

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Man wearing shirt holding his hand on face in black and white photograph

Managing Betrayal Trauma Triggers

You never know when your betrayal trauma triggers could turn a happy afternoon into an emotional rollercoaster. Partners of people with sexual addictions often experience betrayal or infidelity trauma.  Trauma is an emotional response to an event or series of events. Near-death experiences,

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Young black couple sitting on sofa on therapy

Couple’s Therapy vs. Marriage Counseling

When partners encounter problems in their relationship, they might find themselves searching the web for “couple’s therapy vs. marriage counseling” or trying to figure out which one they need. What’s the difference? Are they not the same thing?  There are some differences between

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Woman of color wearing striped long sleeve looking away unhappy at work

Why Do I Hate My Job?

Your alarm goes off on Monday morning. Do you yawn, stretch, and gently roll out of bed with a refreshed, optimistic view of the week ahead? Or do you groan and hit the snooze button a few times? If the latter sounds familiar,

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Curly woman of color smiling looking happy handshaking meeting with her counselor

How to Get the Most Out of Therapy

Everyone seeking counseling, regardless of the reason, wants to get the most out of therapy. While your therapist can provide tools and help you develop coping skills, healing will only come if you commit to the process. It is important for you to

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Old man holding a beer sitting on high chair outside

Caring for Aging Alcoholic Parents

Alcoholism in adults ages 65 and older is more common than you might think. The struggles of caring for aging alcoholic parents are familiar to a growing number of adults in the United States. Alcohol is the most used substance among adults age

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A kid behind white woman having a counselling with an African Family in a room

Exploring the Different Types of Therapy

Deciding to go to therapy is a big step toward improving your mental health and quality of life. But once you choose to seek counseling, you have to decide between all the different types of therapy available.  From riding a horse and completing

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A black female in a yellow shirt sits on a couch, she is smiling while looking at a man who sits in a chair. He has a notebook in his lap.

How to Know If You Need Therapy

You aren’t feeling quite yourself lately. You can’t seem to pull out of the funk you’re in. It’s challenging to get out of bed in the morning, and you spend a lot of time worrying about things that your analytical mind understands are

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