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How to Make a Blended Family Work

Blended families can bring joy, togetherness, and the chance for deep familial bonds. But complex family dynamics might make you wonder how you can make … Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Counseling?

If you’re a Christian going through mental health issues, you may find yourself wondering what the Bible says about counseling. Does the Bible’s teaching condone … Read more

Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder and Treatment Options

If you or someone you love can’t stop or control your alcohol consumption despite its adverse impacts on your life, you may have alcohol use … Read more

Adjusting and Coping in a World of Constant Change

You’ve probably heard the adage: the only thing that’s certain in life is that change will happen. But how do you go about adjusting to … Read more

Why is Changing Careers So Hard?

You may be familiar with this experience. You’re uninspired at your current job, coming to work every day is difficult, and you’re itching for something … Read more

Exploring the Different Types of Gender Identity

Research found that 5.6% of U.S. adults identify as LGBT, 0.6% as transgender, and 0.2% as other (queer, etc.), according to Gallup’s 2020 update on … Read more

How to Cope With Aging Parents and Anger

Watching your parents experience the challenges that come with aging can be difficult. Watching your aging parents become angry because they are experiencing these challenges … Read more

Finding Inclusive Therapists

You decided to pursue therapy and you’re interested in finding an inclusive therapist who can understand you and your specific lifestyle. But how and where … Read more

Signs Your Child Needs Counseling

Are you a parent looking out for signs your child needs counseling? You may find yourself concerned about your child, nervous about their struggle, and … Read more

Understanding and Embracing Integrative Therapies

Your mind, body, and spirit are connected. The way you treat each affects the others. That’s why integrative therapies work toward healing your whole person. … Read more