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Accreditation and Licensing for Therapists and Counselors

In addition to obtaining a degree from a university or college, a therapist must also complete the necessary requirements to obtain professional licensing in the state where they plan to practice. We've listed some basic information on the various licenses and certifications, as well state board of examiners. Accreditations, Certifications,…

Healing with Rehabilitative Therapy

At its core, mental health rehabilitation works to help a person re-establish a sense of emotional health so they can once again function in their regular life. Often, rehabilitative therapy includes in-patient or intensive outpatient support for individuals recovering from mental health diagnoses.

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15 Benefits of Journaling Backed By Science

The benefits of journaling can be life-changing. Here are 15 benefits of journaling that you can start experiencing today.

Finding Inclusive Therapists

You decided to pursue therapy and you’re interested in finding an inclusive therapist who can understand you and your specific lifestyle. But how and where do you start the search for a therapist that matches your unique needs? In today's post, we'll explain what an inclusive therapist is, why you…

Understanding and Embracing Integrative Therapies

Your mind, body, and spirit are connected. The way you treat each affects the others. That's why integrative therapies work toward healing your whole person. Integrative therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines therapeutic tools and approaches to fit each individual's needs. The term integrative means multiple methods used…

How to Tell If Your Therapist Doesn’t Like You

Therapy can make you feel vulnerable. So, it’s natural to be curious about the person you’re sharing the space with — your therapist. You may wonder how to tell if your therapist doesn’t like you? And, does it really matter? The point of therapy is not to get your therapist…

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Like many other essential healthcare services, therapy is usually not free. So, how much does therapy cost? While it’s impossible to give an exact answer due to factors like insurance, area, and service, this post will provide you with an idea of what to expect. Why People Seek Therapy The…

Why Do People Go to Therapy?

People go to therapy for various reasons, including mental health concerns. This post explains why people go to therapy and its benefits.

How to Get the Most Out of Therapy

Everyone seeking counseling, regardless of the reason, wants to get the most out of therapy. While your therapist can provide tools and help you develop coping skills, healing will only come if you commit to the process. It is important for you to take an active role in therapy for…

Understanding Your Therapy Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is a roadmap that a patient and counselor will follow. This post explains why having a therapy treatment plan is important.

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