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A person's feet standing on a scale.

Overcoming the Toxicity of Diet Culture

Diet culture may seem like a way to hold people accountable for their health. But, it often has the opposite effect — harming people physically and mentally. Rejecting toxic diet culture will help you think about body image in a more positive and healthy

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A hand turning a page in the Bible.

What Does the Bible Say About Counseling?

If you’re a Christian going through mental health issues, you may find yourself wondering what the Bible says about counseling. Does the Bible’s teaching condone or condemn therapy? The short answer is, “Yes!” The Bible is the first form of support and therapy

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colored blocks spelling out nonbinary

Exploring the Different Types of Gender Identity

Research found that 5.6% of U.S. adults identify as LGBT, 0.6% as transgender, and 0.2% as other (queer, etc.), according to Gallup’s 2020 update on lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender identification. These percentages are rising, with each younger generation often feeling more comfortable

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