Choosing a Therapist is a Personal Matter

Choosing a counselor is a personal matter and it’s not one-size-fits-all care. The most important thing is that you get the mental health care you need and we want to help make that process easier. created a directory to help you find the best counselor for you. We sincerely hope the directory will help you find the perfect counselor to partner with on your path to improved mental health and emotional healing.

Selecting the Best Help for Your Unique Needs

Research any counselor you consider online. Set up a phone consultation to see if the fit feels right. Your first session likely will be more like an interview where you try to determine face-to-face if the counselor is right for you.

Sometimes you have to meet with multiple counselors before finding the right person to help you through your mental health journey. Please don’t give up, no matter how much searching it takes. It’ll be worth it when you find the right person.

Claim Your Therapist Profile or Add a New Listing

Whether you’re just starting out, actively building your practice, or looking to bring more clients in the door, we can help bring you the online exposure you and your practice need.

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"I would not be the man I am today without working through my problems with an unbiased, uninvolved professional. We made slow, steady progress together. Today I am mentally healthy, whole, and happy.

Cory Miller, Founder of