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Counseling Business Branding: Elevating Your Brand’s Impact

You know your favorite brands — large or small. You recognize the products or services, logos, taglines, and packaging. And you attach all kinds of feelings to those brand elements, including preference above other options in the same product or service category. You want the same for your counseling business.…
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Google Ads for Therapists and Counselors

When you want to attract new clients to your counseling service, Google Ads can help. With the ads, people who search Google using specific keywords will find your practice at the top of the results. It can lead to more traffic to your website and increased appointments.  While dozens of…
Man Completing a Business Loan Application

Finding Small Business Loans for Your Private Practice

As a mental health professional, you want what's best for your clients. Starting a private practice allows you to deliver a higher standard of personalized care. So why not take your practice to the next level? With small business loans, private practices can gain important resources for growing the business.…
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How to Grow Your Mental Health Practice

Do you want to grow your mental health practice, but you're not sure what approach is best for obtaining new clients? In today's post, we have some tips to help you free up time in your schedule to grow the business and see more clients. Optimize Practice Operations and Automate…
Smartphone With Facebook Icon

Grow Your Therapy Practice With Facebook Ads

Facebook is a popular social media site that billions of people use every month. Facebook ads can be an effective tool for growing your therapy practice by reaching a wider audience and attracting new clients. In today’s post, we’ll cover what you need to know to get started and how…
Referrals in Blocks

How Can a Therapist Get More Referrals?

Word of mouth still is the best advertising. That’s why referrals are critical to the growth and success of your therapy practice. Referrals help you find new clients and replace those who may outgrow your services. Many strategies exist to get more referrals and increase your visibility in the community.…
Framework Created With Markers

A Proven Framework for Effectively Marketing Your Mental Health Practice

As a therapist, do you know how to market yourself and keep things simple enough so prospective clients can understand what you do and how you can help them? Marketing your mental health practice can challenging for most therapists, but it doesn’t have to be and we want to help.

Therapist Processing Client Invoices

How to Get Private Pay Therapy Clients

With the rise of insurance coverage for mental health services, more clients are looking for counselors who accept insurance. This change can make it more difficult to attract private pay clients. These changes likely leave you asking, how can you get more self-pay therapy clients? Here are some strategies you…
Female Therapist Writing Content at Office

Creating Content Your Therapy Clients Will Love

High quality content is the cornerstone of digital marketing and it’s been the core of the marketing system I’ve used for over 20 years. Google search, social media, and email are wonderful ways to obtain new clients, but they are merely the vehicles and tools for delivering content. You have…
US Map of Multiple States

Can a Therapist Be Licensed in Multiple States?

Can a therapist be licensed in multiple states? Yes, you can, but you must pay close attention to the rules and regulations in each state and follow them. You can be licensed in multiple states as a therapist, but the process and requirements are different in each state. You must…
Google Map Listings for Local Therapists

Finding New Clients With Google Business Profile

What is Google Business Profile? Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows therapists and counselors to manage their local online presence across Google Search and Maps. When you enter and verify your business information, this profile can help future customers find your business in local results on Google's…
Woman Working on Laptop

The Therapist’s Guide to Blogging

If I were to ask you to start a blog, I’m going to bet you’d become really uncomfortable. It’s a natural response because you are a therapist and not a writer or marketer. Now what I asked you to take an everyday conversation with a client and turn that into…
Woman Working on Her Computer

Digital Marketing Options for the Growing Therapy Practice

If you’re a new therapist or you recently started your own private practice, you’re probably thinking a lot about acquiring clients and growing your counseling business. It’s something that a lot of small business owners think about. But if you’ve never worked in digital marketing or had to worry about…

7 Pieces of Advice on Setting Counseling Fees

Setting fees for your counseling services means balancing your desire to help others and your need to pay the bills to keep your practice operational. Of course, you want to set counseling fees your clients can support, but you also have to stay in business. It can be tricky to…

Social Media Marketing for Mental Health Professionals

Social media marketing is a must for everyone in business. Mental health professionals are no exception. Whether you’re marketing for yourself, your private practice, or for an agency, you need to understand social media marketing.  Like it or not, social media is extremely popular in the United States. About 223…

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