Growing Your Mental Health Practice

How to Build Therapy Websites Using WordPress

Most people start their search for any service, including counseling, online. They want to know what their options are before taking the next step. That's why counselors must have websites for their practices. And it's best to build therapy websites using WordPress. Why Build Your Therapy Website Using WordPress? WordPress…

Writing a Marketing Letter to Physicians

Many people initially turn to their trusted primary care physician when they have a mental health concern. It’s natural for them to seek help from the doctor they already know and trust. These inquiries put physicians in a unique position to help you grow your counseling practice. One way of…

How to Advertise Counselors’ Services

People are searching online for counselors perhaps more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic caused an increase in mental health concerns, leaving more people seeking counseling. You can help people find your practice online by understanding how to advertise counselors' services. Strategize Before You Advertise You know there are people out…

Common Mistakes Therapists Make With Their Websites

In this recorded webinar, Cory will share the key things he’s seen therapists do that minimizes the effectiveness of their website. Cory has been building websites since 1999 and built a multi-million dollar software business helping web designers over 11 years.

How to Get New Clients with Google My Business

We are halfway through 2021 and it’s clear some changes are staying. One of them is the increasing percentage of people who are looking to Google to help them find help for mental health online. So it’s more important than ever to make sure that your name shows up when…

Request for Google My Business Review Email Template

Hello <Name>, I hope this email finds you well. I am currently updating my practice Google My Business and would appreciate it if you would write a review for me.  Reviews like yours will help patients/clients find me easier when using Google.  To leave a review of my practice please:…

Free Calculators for Marketing Your Counseling Practice

These two calculators can help you determine how many clients you need to see in order to meet your monthly revenue goals, and how much a single client brings to your practice. These calculations can help you make decisions about your marketing and other business strategies or costs.

5 Key Steps to Marketing Your Counseling Practice

Digital marketing is key to reaching new clients and you can learn how to market your therapy practice using skills and tools you may already have. In this webinar replay, Cory Miller and Brad Osborne as they show you the best, inexpensive digital marketing options available to therapists right now.

Google My Business: An Easy Walkthrough for Therapists

Google My Business is one of the most important digital marketing tools you can use to bring more clients to your therapy practice. In this webinar replay, Rebecca Gill brings over twenty years of digital marketing and SEO expertise to this deep dive into setting up Google My Business for mental health professionals.

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Private Practice

In this webinar replay, Cory Miller walks us through the steps needed to create a strong marketing plan for your therapy practice.

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