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We’d like to help make sure your therapist profile is optimized for search. The more information you enter, the more opportunities you have for showing up in search and for converting profile visitors into clients.

When you add or update a profile, you’ll enter (or update) content using the checkboxes, drop-down menus, or text boxes provided. Completing the profile should take about 15 minutes. When finished you can choose to save and preview or to submit. If needed you can save your profile and return to it later through your provider dashboard to finish and submit.

If you would like assistance filling out your profile, just let us know. You can make an appointment with our team and we’ll be happy to help.


The name you use professionally or the name of your practice.

Therapist Title

Click the box for the title that best represents you and your practice.

Profile Image

Upload a photo of yourself with your face clear and centered. Click the upload arrow to choose an image from your computer. Image preview may cut off a little. Photos will be cropped in a circle.

For best picture quality:

Crop your photo to a square (use your phone or an online tool like Canva)
Keep your eyes in the middle of the photo
Make sure there is some space around your head (you don’t want to cut the top off)
Take the photo is clothes you would wear to see a client or working in the office
Use a recent photo (it should look like you do now)
Have a genuine smile (you want to appear friendly and compassionate)
Have a neutral background (nature, wall, bookshelf, office)

Preview Overview

Write 1-2 short paragraphs (3 sentences or less each) describing your practice to help potential clients get an idea of if they want to know more about you. Think about:

Who are you passionate about helping? Or who do you help best?
What do you believe is valuable about therapy? Why is it important?
What makes you feel connected to your clients?
What do you wish someone considering therapy knew?

Long Description

Write 3-5 short paragraphs (2-3 sentences each) describing your practice to an interested client. Think about:

Who do you specialize in helping?
How do you approach therapy with your clients? Do you use one type of treatment or do you use a combination? How do you decide with each client?
How do you assess your clients’ needs and progress with therapy?
What do you want someone considering therapy with you to know?
Who is a good fit for your therapy practice? Why might you be a good fit for them?
What makes you a compassionate and empathetic therapist? What would make an interested client feel connected to and comfortable with you?


This is where is your office is physically located.

Phone Number

The phone number clients should use to contact you.


The email clients should use to contact you.


If you have a practice website, insert the URL here. For practices without a website, leave this section blank.

Therapist Gender

Click the box that you identify with.


Click the box for your preferred pronouns.


List the education most relevant to your practice.

Year Graduated

List the year you finished your most relevant educational experience.


Identify your license and who administered it.


Click the boxes for all accreditations you currently hold.

Languages Spoken

Click the boxes for all languages you provide therapy in.

Accepting New Patients

Select the box that best represents the state of your practice right now. You can always edit this later according to your client load.

Ages Accepted

Click the box for all ages that you serve in your practice

Gender Accepted

Click the boxes for all genders your practice accepts.

Insurance Accepted

Click the box for all insurance you accept.

Price Range

Click the box for the range that fits your current rates.

Payment Optional

Click the box for all payment options you currently accept.


Click all modalities of therapy you provide.

Areas of Specialty

Click all areas of specialty that you provide therapy in. Please keep these relevant, so you are targeting the right clients for your practice.

Treatment Therapy

Click on all treatments that you are trained in and use regularly in your practice.

Communities Served

Click on any communities you have a special interest in or are trained in serving. You may leave this section blank if preferred.

Faith Served

Click on any faiths you have a special interest in or are trained in serving. You may leave this section blank if preferred.