Help and Support

We want to make your experience as a clinician or a client as hassle-free and easy as possible. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for then please reach out to us using our contact form and we’ll be in touch to assist as soon as possible.

Clinician FAQs

First, make sure you sign up for an account with This is required for those who want to claim, create, or modify profiles. Once that is done, do a quick search for your name. After you find your name, click on it and that will take you to the profile page. You can claim your profile at the bottom of the page by clicking the Claim & Modify Listing button. Learn more about how to claim and add a profile.

Click the Add a Listing button in the right-hand corner. You’ll be able to sign up for an account with and quickly get started on your profile.

Send us a note through our Contact form. We’ll work with you to verify your identifying information first to be sure we’re removing the correct profile.

After you claim your profile, you’ll be able to edit this to include whether or not you are accepting new patients, referrals only, or currently closed to new patients.

First, double-check to see if the email address you’re using for emails is correct.

Next, check your spam folder to see if messages are going there. You can also add to your trusted email senders list if these emails are going to your spam folder. Instructions for your email provider can be found at

If they simply are not arriving in your inbox or spam folder and you are certain that your email address is correct then please reach out to us via the Contact form and we’ll be happy to help figure out why you’re not receiving emails.

Searcher FAQs

You may need to use fewer filters in your search. Try starting with the two or three most important things you want considered in your search, such as location and insurance. This may bring up more options. If there simply aren’t any therapists in your area try expanding the search area to include a close by metro, city, or town.

Depending on your insurance carrier as well as licensing requirements for your potential therapist it may be necessary to work with a therapist in your own state. The best thing to do is see if your insurance carrier has any location requirements before setting up an appointment. You may still be able to see a therapist who is outside of your location requirements and submit your receipts for out-of-network reimbursement. Again, the more you know ahead of time, the easier it will be to plan ahead.

If you haven’t heard back from the therapist you’ve contacted within 2-3 business days we recommend giving them a call using the number on their profile.

The best thing to do if you need an in person appointment quickly is to call the therapist’s office to see if they have any reserve appointments. If that’s not an option then you may find that an online service will be able to connect you with a therapist right away.

If you or a loved one are in crisis, or have a medical or mental health emergency, please call for help right away:

This will depend on the therapist’s availability and how frequently they check their email, but most will respond within a few days. If you are looking to confirm a consultation or appointment right away then we suggest calling them using the number on their profile.