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How to Tell Someone They Need Therapy

“Girl, you need some help!” You know you’ve wanted to say this at one point or another. Especially since the No. 1 reason people go to … Read more

Will My Insurance Cover Therapy?

You’ve recognized that you need a mental health professional to help work through some concerns. You chose a counselor with the right credentials and are … Read more

Finding the Right Counselor for You

Reaching the decision to seek out a counselor is a brave step that isn’t always easy to take. The next step is finding the right … Read more

Understanding the Types of Counselors

You’ve reached the decision to seek support from a counselor. You have healing to do, and you understand that you can’t do it alone. But … Read more

How Daily Affirmations Can Positively Impact Your Life

Daily positive affirmations are statements that can boost your confidence and counteract negative thoughts and feelings. They encourage you to focus on your strengths instead … Read more