Are You Struggling With Stress?

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Stress is a reaction that people go through in response to situations, thoughts, or emotions. Many things can trigger stress, such as work, family, illness, relationships, or existential concerns. Stress also can be a good thing, such as when a person receives a new job opportunity, or they’re about to become a parent. When people experience large amounts of stress, their physical and mental health can suffer if they don’t care for themselves.

Available Treatment Options

Stress is a factor in nearly all mental health concerns, so it’s no wonder there are many counseling interventions to address stress. Therapists work with each person to assess their stress level and establish coping mechanisms that work for them. Alleviating stress can also decrease the negative effects of mental health concerns, working to improve the overall quality of life.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Stress

Michael Johnson, Sr. LCSW

Cedar Hill


My objectives are to: ~ provide a safe/non-judgmental space to be seen and heard ~ partner with you in addressing your personal/relationship goals ~ provide you with real life approaches toward personal/relationship practices that promote honesty ~ identify unresolved issues that prevent personal/relationship growth ~ assist in developing self care skills/practices that heal rather than ignore ...

Erin Falconer, PhD, MSc, LMSW

New York

New York

I aim to create a safe space to collaboratively process trauma and work on issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic illness, relationship struggles, abuse, life and career concerns, and issues around identity and creative expression. I also specialize in helping people recover from coercive control and influence, including survivors of cultic abuse and high demand groups.

Christy Phelps, LPC



I am a licensed professional counselor with 17 years of experience. Way back then, I believe I was born curious. At any given time, I find myself pondering the 'why' of something. This curiosity led me to want to understand why people do the things they do and why they think the things they think. It guided me to a career I love: being a therapist. I understand that the problems you bring to m...

Jummy Kirby, M.A, LPC

Bala Cynwyd


Our practice is dedicated to providing compassionate, culturally attuned, and empowering therapeutic services to guide you on this transformative journey.

Jenny Y. Ramirez, LMFT



The care you deserve. Seeking help is an important step towards improving your life. Finding the right therapist for you can be overwhelming, but it does start with you. Schedule with Jenny today!