What is Life Coaching?

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Life coaching is different than mental health counseling in critical ways, but both types of specialists offer benefits. Life coaches typically can’t diagnose and provide treatment plans for mental health disorders. Counselors and therapists do. Life coaches help people establish goals, find motivation, and achieve those goals. Their focus isn’t on mental health. A life coach uses motivational techniques to help someone accomplish goals that are unique to them and their aspirations. A person would go to a life coach for guidance in establishing more meaning in their life.

Therapists Who Specialize in Offering Life Coaching

Kelley Bitter, PMHNP-BC



Welcome to my profile, I’m Kelley Bitter, a dedicated mental health nurse practitioner with over two decades of rich experience in the healthcare realm. My educational path began at the University of Phoenix and reached its zenith at the University of Akron, where I achieved my APRN certification specializing in psychiatry. This journey has bestowed upon me a profound understanding and essentia...
I enjoy working with motivated coaching clients who are devoted to learning the skills, research, and problem-solving strategies that will help them achieve their life goals. Coaching with me tends to be rather fast paced as we actively pursue your life goals. We first look at established habits and patterns of behavior. We then discuss educational information and skills that may be helpful in ...

Jenny Y. Ramirez, LMFT



The care you deserve. Seeking help is an important step towards improving your life. Finding the right therapist for you can be overwhelming, but it does start with you. Schedule with Jenny today!

Margaret Dunn, LPC, FMHC, CLC

O Fallon


I specialize in working with individuals who want to reclaim their freedom from those self-defeating thoughts and attitudes, those old hurtful emotions that STILL influence the decisions they make today and help them achieve the health, success and happiness they desire so they can LIFE THEIR BEST LIFE EVER!