Are You Struggling With Life Transitions?

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The adage that “the only constant in life is change” is true for people experiencing life transitions. Some life transitions can be exciting, such as a new relationship, move, job, or child. Some can be difficult, like death, illness, or aging. Regardless of the nature of the change, life transitions can be stressful.

Available Treatment Options

Counseling interventions therapists may use for dealing with life transitions include talking about and processing the change, developing coping skills for handling the stress of the change, and participating in group therapy with people going through similar life transitions.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Life Transitions

In our work together, we get to the problems as quickly as possible so you can take control of your behavior faster. Time is the enemy of treatment — the more you engage in unhealthy behaviors, the more difficult it becomes to break those patterns and pathologies. The sooner you get help, the better, and I am here to be as directive and empowering as possible so you can get well enough to live ...
Your health and well-being are at the heart of everything I do, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to better mental health and overall wellness. I’m licensed to provide care in Minnesota, California, Arizona, Florida, New York, Massachusets & Illinois. We can meet conveniently via secure, HIPAA-compliant video sessions in the time and place that works best for you.

Emily Cassidy, LCPC



I meet clients where they are, and provide support and tools in a judgement-free manner. I enjoy helping my clients navigate through challenges that come up in their lives, and at the same time provide tools to help manage their mental health long-term. Using strategies based primarily on cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approaches, I provide a suggested framework to help my clients succeed...