What is Culturally Sensitive Therapy?

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Culturally Sensitive Therapy emphasizes people’s various ethnic and cultural backgrounds within the therapeutic relationship.

Some approaches to therapy aim to treat every client the same — utilizing similar techniques, ways of communicating, and explanations of concepts. These therapists understand the importance of different cultures and recognize that these differences can impact the way someone experiences therapy. By bringing these experiences to the forefront of therapy, your therapist will validate your unique background and use it to work on your strengths and propel you toward your goals.

Your therapist will have foundational knowledge about your specific ethnic, cultural, and linguistic differences. They also will continue learning more about how your culture affects your life experiences.

Culturally Sensitive Therapy’s goal is to make you feel more comfortable and understood, not only when it comes to culture and ethnicity, but also religion, race, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

Your therapist will employ counseling techniques to help you on your healing journey. They also will serve as an advocate for your particular identities in the community by connecting you to culturally-sensitive resources. Ultimately, the therapy should make you feel comfortable and understood. When the therapeutic space is safer, you will be more likely to benefit from the process.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Culturally Sensitive Therapy 

Erin Falconer, PhD, MSc, LMSW

New York

New York

I aim to create a safe space to collaboratively process trauma and work on issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic illness, relationship struggles, abuse, life and career concerns, and issues around identity and creative expression. I also specialize in helping people recover from coercive control and influence, including survivors of cultic abuse and high demand groups.

Deborah Danner, Ph.D., LCPC, CADC, NCC

Rolling Meadows


Deborah Danner has numerous certifications in trauma treatment and focuses sessions on helping you become more empowered in your life. She uses gentleness, honesty, and awareness to help previously ignored parts of you be heard. Patience and self-compassion are the centers of her therapy sessions. Her ultimate goal is to help you regain control of your life and love yourself.

Ashley Gangadean



I love working with clients who strive for growth and healing through a collaborative process of self-discovery. When the stories you believe about your life and about your self begin to hold you back, it is time to examine deeply where those messages come from, whether they serve your greater good, or if they are even accurate. I strive to work with clients to re-imagine their lives and their…

Jennifer Ortiz, MS, LPC


New Jersey

I'm Jenn, an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor with a decade in the field. I assist with anxiety, depression, relationships, and life stress. Proficient in English and Spanish, I provide a culturally sensitive therapy space. Start your journey in a secure, non-judgmental environment with a skilled therapist.

Diana Soler, MHC-LP


New York

Transformation Counseling Services, LLC is an online health practice whose mission to provide affordable and accessible culturally responsive counseling to individuals from historically marginalized communities. Our therapists understand the critical need for decolonized counseling spaces and access to providers from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Are you searching for the skills to help yourself, your marriage or family through life’s challenges? Do you desire the tools needed for a relationship with effective communication and a loving connection? Are there areas of your life you would like to improve? The first steps in overcoming life’s challenges are (1) realizing you need help and (2) reaching out to effective resources. Expressing…