What is Culturally Sensitive Therapy?

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Culturally Sensitive Therapy emphasizes people’s various ethnic and cultural backgrounds within the therapeutic relationship.

Some approaches to therapy aim to treat every client the same — utilizing similar techniques, ways of communicating, and explanations of concepts. These therapists understand the importance of different cultures and recognize that these differences can impact the way someone experiences therapy. By bringing these experiences to the forefront of therapy, your therapist will validate your unique background and use it to work on your strengths and propel you toward your goals.

Your therapist will have foundational knowledge about your specific ethnic, cultural, and linguistic differences. They also will continue learning more about how your culture affects your life experiences.

Culturally Sensitive Therapy’s goal is to make you feel more comfortable and understood, not only when it comes to culture and ethnicity, but also religion, race, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

Your therapist will employ counseling techniques to help you on your healing journey. They also will serve as an advocate for your particular identities in the community by connecting you to culturally-sensitive resources. Ultimately, the therapy should make you feel comfortable and understood. When the therapeutic space is safer, you will be more likely to benefit from the process.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Culturally Sensitive Therapy 

Dr. Ellen Wilson-Tarpeh, DNP, FNP-BC


New Jersey

Dr. Wilson-Tarpeh is a nurse practitioner that has a passion for improving the health and wellness of individuals in her community by offering affordable, high-quality healthcare. Her focus is to improve physical/mental health and wellness by utilizing evidence-based research in the treatment of health conditions. Dr. Wilson-Tarpeh has over 20 years of experience caring for and treating patien...