Are You Struggling With Peer Relationships?

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If people find they have difficulty in relationships with peers, they may be experiencing some interpersonal issues or individual mental health concerns. Trouble in peer relationships often becomes a problem during childhood, when children are supposed to be forging friendships with other children their age. Trouble in peer relationships may be a sign of anxiety, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or trauma.

Available Treatment Options

Therapists and counseling interventions for peer relationships for children may include Play Therapy to process trauma and emotions, social skills training, communication techniques, or other specified therapeutic processes based on their diagnosis.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Peer Relationships

Diana Soler, MHC-LP


New York

Transformation Counseling Services, LLC is an online health practice whose mission to provide affordable and accessible culturally responsive counseling to individuals from historically marginalized communities. Our therapists understand the critical need for decolonized counseling spaces and access to providers from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Are you searching for the skills to help yourself, your marriage or family through life’s challenges? Do you desire the tools needed for a relationship with effective communication and a loving connection? Are there areas of your life you would like to improve? The first steps in overcoming life’s challenges are (1) realizing you need help and (2) reaching out to effective resources. Expressing…

Dr. John Meigs



***I am not currently accepting new patients*** I am a licensed psychologist, with an emphasis on treating depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction. I completed a clinical internship within the VA hospital system and a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School. I approach therapy from a relational stance with a focus on helping you gain insight into your relationship patterns and…

Michaela Levine

Las Vegas


I’m offering affordable sessions during this time of crisis. Feeling overwhelmed with life, are you exhausted from feeling anxious and depressed, we can change that together. I value the uniqueness of each individual and am therefore humanistic in my approach, developing individualized treatment plans that best meet the specific needs of each of my patients. I focus on symptoms versus labels, as…

Nicole M. Kotchka, LMSW, CAADC

Grand Rapids


Nicole is a licensed Master Social Worker and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She graduated with her Bachelor degree in Psychology and Sociology from Central Michigan University and obtained her Master degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University. Nicole has experience in crisis intervention working in the psychiatric setting as well as various residential facilities. She…
Services provided outpatient substance abuse to those affected by drugs and/or alcohol. I offer treatment for clients with co-occurring disorders, individuals with mental health disorders, and addiction issues. Provide Non-DOT & DOT Substance Abuse Services to ensure that agencies and employees comply with U.S. DOT Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Anger Management and Parenti...

Dee Majko



Are you feeling stuck? Problems are like snowflakes -no two are the same. Each person experiences life and the challenges that pop up in a unique way. As your therapist, I will help you explore, gain insight, search for meaning, and understand yourself. I provide therapy to individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship distress, and work-family balance. In my office,…

Curtis Wade Smith,LMFT#102916



Welcome to arriving at my page. We will work together to learn new coping skills to manage your depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and substance use,.etc). My professional approach is to provide support and practical feedback in the therapeutic relationship with my clients. I help clients effectively address personal life challenges. I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques...

Sarah Jefferson



I am a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in trauma treatment. I have ten years of experience working with adolescents and adults as they work to heal from emotional and sexual abuse, relationship violence, and family environments impacted by addiction and mental illness. I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for the treatment of traumatic memory. I use…