Are You Struggling With School Issues?

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Schooling can be a tumultuous time for children and adolescents as they develop as individuals while growing their intellect, social skills, and peer interactions. Children and adolescents may run into various problems in school, including learning disabilities, bullying, anxiety, depression, unhealthy relationships, drugs, and alcohol. When parents feel their child is struggling, they may choose to have them engage in counseling.

Available Treatment Options

Counseling interventions for school issues vary. Therapists work with children, parents, and other health professionals to determine an individual treatment plan. The plan may also include speech-language therapy or skills training for cognitive disabilities or neurodiversity, substance use treatment for drug and alcohol problems, or cognitive and behavioral interventions for anxiety, depression, or peer issues.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With School Issues

Waju S. Long, LPC, LLC



Hi, I’m Waju! I’m a dedicated and experienced therapist with years of experience in various settings. My extensive background helps me with valuable skills in guiding teens and young adults through various challenges. I am passionate about fostering the well-being of adolescents and families. Together, we can make a positive change in life.

Michaela Levine

Las Vegas


I’m offering affordable sessions during this time of crisis. Feeling overwhelmed with life, are you exhausted from feeling anxious and depressed, we can change that together. I value the uniqueness of each individual and am therefore humanistic in my approach, developing individualized treatment plans that best meet the specific needs of each of my patients. I focus on symptoms versus labels, as…