Dr. Sue Ann T. Guy, EdD, MBA, MS, PreLPC

Dr. Sue Ann T. Guy, EdD, MBA, MS, PreLPC

Counselor in Tennessee

Accepting New Clients! Our career counseling and therapy services provide a safe, authentic, empathetic and respectful environment for you to process, heal, transform, rebuild and grow. While job satisfaction and career achievements motivate personal ambitions, today's workplaces still foster ample opportunities for your needs and goals to remain unmet. However, help for navigating employment and small business challenges is available! Listening to you - your voice, perceptions, beliefs and story - is critical for successful treatment. I engage. Expressions, emotions, gestures and behaviors are never unnoticed. I can help!


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Nashville, TN

Who I Serve

Effective treatment plans address critical needs: job satisfaction, career plans and transitions, employment tools, training, time management, performance, social skills and teamwork, support systems, coping, emotional intelligence, confidence building, conflict management, communication, strategy, work-life balance, goal attainment and professional growth.

Affordable therapy available. Just ask! Additional services: psychological testing and assessments, Work Trauma & Recovery group, resume or business plan development, interviewing, projects, research studies, workshops, presentations, annual retreat, other events, member plans, EAPs, collaborations and partnerships. Thrive Consulting. www.thriveconsult.org

Payment Details

Accepting New Patients: Yes

Price Range: $$ ($90-$130), Sliding Scale Fee

Nashville, TN