What is Psychological Testing and Evaluation?

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Psychological Testing and Evaluation is testing done by mental health professionals trained to evaluate the results and make a mental health diagnosis.

Sometimes, it can be evident that an individual is dealing with symptoms of a mental illness. But simply observing behavior or guessing what’s wrong is not enough for a psychological diagnosis. Psychological Testing and Evaluation is a highly specialized form of study where professionals give the correct tests to individuals dealing with symptoms of a mental health concern.

Psychological Testing and Evaluation is available at schools, hospitals, clinics, or private offices. Your physician can refer you to a testing specialist specific to your needs. Then a psychologist will speak with you about the symptoms you’re experiencing. They might administer a particular test involving writing, speaking, or doing tasks. It could take several hours. Your psychologist will explain the process as you go along.

After testing, you will either come back to visit the specialist to learn the results or speak with a counselor about findings.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Psychological Testing and Evaluation