What is Applied Behavioral Analysis?

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Therapists most commonly use Applied Behavioral Analysis for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For children and adults alike, ABA can assist you in improving skills that might make tasks of daily living difficult, such as communication, social skills, motor skills, hygiene, grooming, academics, and job skills.

An ABA therapist would first assess your current functioning, asking questions about your experiences to determine what skills might benefit you. A qualified ABA therapist understands how behavior changes according to the environment. As each individual is unique, the techniques used to modify behavior vary according to what you specifically need.

Usually, behavior modification uses a reward system to encourage a specific behavior and decrease unwanted behavior. Using this system repetitively with various behaviors and skills will eventually increase the skill or behavior.

You can expect an ABA therapist to help you work toward your goals in whichever area would most benefit your life.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Applied Behavioral Analysis