What is Christian Counseling?

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Christian Counseling utilizes therapeutic skills with the Christian faith to help people heal. This therapeutic approach is a good option for those interested in the Christian faith or who have beliefs that allow them to benefit from a counselor who can help align their healing with tenets of Christianity.

Some people choose Christian counseling because they are experiencing life problems tied to their faith. Others may choose it because they are followers of Christ.

Christian Counseling uses the tenets of the Bible to assist you in developing healthy coping mechanisms, overcoming relational challenges, healing from trauma, and dealing with any other mental health concerns. Christian Counseling encourages strengthening your relationship with God, the Bible, and your faith.

Christian Counseling usually combines another form of therapy focusing on ideas from the Bible. Research shows that incorporating spirituality into mental health counseling can be beneficial for those who have had or plan to connect to their faith.

People dealing with any mental health concern can benefit from Christian Counseling if they want to strengthen their relationship with God simultaneously. Christian counselors typically have a background in the faith of Christianity, rely on the Bible to help them guide those they counsel, and try their best to integrate the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of counseling.

Therapists Specializing in Christian Counseling

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