What is Internal Family Systems Therapy?

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Internal Family Systems therapy encourages people to embrace all parts of themselves, even the difficult ones. Its goal is to help people achieve balance and harmony within themselves.

IFS states that people do not have “bad” parts. Instead, they experience difficulty embracing all aspects as simultaneously affecting one another. IFS seeks to name and understand these parts and ultimately balance the factors that work toward self-growth.

Life experiences can encourage the various parts of the self to become out of balance, forcing the system into a less-than-harmonious operating state. Your IFS counselor will help you recognize these parts of yourself, inquire as to why you think they might be off-balance, and then assist you in balancing them.

People with a wide range of mental health concerns can benefit from IFS, but it is particularly effective for those who have dealt with traumatic experiences.

Therapists Who Specialize in IFS Therapy