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Golden Therapeutic Services aims to provide individual, relational, and group therapy to help you achieve confidence, peace, and increase your sense of self. Relationships can be difficult. Especially the ones we have with ourselves in growing our self-love, confidence, and breaking generational concerns. If you’re struggling with managing life transitions, stressors, work-life balance, self-love/esteem, trauma, depression, anxiety, identity, and relational concerns.

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Therapist Overview

I help BIPOC & LGBTQ+ populations learn to show up for yourselves and your loved ones through:

Individual Therapy will help (re)establish healthy relationships with yourself and others to increase self-awareness, confidence, and regain your sense of purpose by developing quality coping skills for mental health stressors, increasing your sense of self while healing from the past

Relational Therapy helps couples to recommit to one another to increase intimacy and communication in your relationship as you work through relational transition, infidelity, family adjustment after kids, communication issues, trust, and intimacy issues. You’ll gain increased communication skills, a greater foundation of respect and friendship, learn to prioritize your relationship again, find a balance between family time and relational time, and rebuild trust and intimacy

Relationship types: heterosexual, LGBTQ+, monogamous, open, & polyamorous

Group Therapy:
Single Parents learn to prioritize self-care to prevent burnout so you can show up for yourself and your loved ones. You will leave feeling seen and heard by your peers, decrease stress levels, increase balance in their lives, find community, gain self-awareness, employ self-care tactics, and manage your expectations.

First Responders (Individual & Group) struggling with stress, burnout, relational issues, substance abuse and mental health concerns resulting from work stressors will reduce overall distress, process grief and work-related trauma, reconnect to your loved ones, develop stress management skills, and identify healthy coping strategies to manage your mental health.

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