Are You Struggling With Relationship Issues?

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Relationships bring challenges and concerns. Being a partner to someone means sharing life with them, and life isn’t always easy. Relationship counseling is an excellent option for people who want to deepen their relationship, work on problems, or maintain a good balance of emotional intimacy.

Available Treatment Options

Therapist and counselor interventions for relationships include creating a safe space for partners to speak their truths, processing emotions related to the relationship, working on communication skills and boundaries, and encouraging growth.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Relationship Issues

Madeline Allen, RMHCI



Madeline is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern who currently specializes in working with individuals who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, infertility, attachment issues, life transitions, spiritual burnout or abuse, family-of-origin issues, and complex trauma.

Lauren Spencer, LMHC



Come in and settle into the healing power that is growth and wholeness. In counseling, I get the privilege of watching my clients transform in ways they never would have thought possible. Whether you feel stuck or broken, you are struggling with something specific or not so specific, we will work together to get you to a place of peace.

Anthony Barrett, MA, LMHC



Anthony Barrett is passionate about caring for individuals, couples, and families and the particular ways they struggle. He works in areas of relationships, addiction, and trauma in both individual and group counseling settings. His approach is trauma-informed and relational and his desire is for counseling to be a place where hope, goodness, and wholeness are rediscovered and recultivated toge...

Ashleigh McLeod, MA, LMHC



Ashleigh is passionate about helping individuals and families discover a deeper sense of who they are. She enjoys coming alongside clients, offering hope and healing in places where they feel stuck. Ashleigh creates a strong connection with her clients which she believes is foundational for facilitating growth and change.

Sunita Churiwala LMFT



I have a special interest in exploring what balance will be like for you when you're managing many areas of your life--including but not limited to-- your career, mental health, and how you show up to loved ones. Having a multicultural background allows me to recognize the complexities life is composed of and also remain open to who may walk through the door. I implement a client centered and s...