Are You Struggling With Family Conflict?

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Families experience ups and downs. Maintaining family cohesion isn’t always easy. There may be life events that make being a part of a family stressful, such as financial issues, divorce, mental illness, and the general tasks of life. Family therapy is an excellent option for people wanting to address familial problems or family dynamics.

Available Treatment Options

In family therapy, counseling interventions that therapists use include behavioral interventions like modeling communication or parenting techniques and roleplays, where family members put themselves in the shoes of another family member. Interventions may also involve establishing boundaries among family members that allow the family to work better as a unit.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Family Conflict

Michael Johnson, Sr. LCSW

Cedar Hill


My objectives are to: ~ provide a safe/non-judgmental space to be seen and heard ~ partner with you in addressing your personal/relationship goals ~ provide you with real life approaches toward personal/relationship practices that promote honesty ~ identify unresolved issues that prevent personal/relationship growth ~ assist in developing self care skills/practices that heal rather than ignore ...

Luis D Permuy

Miami Lakes


Founder President at PERMUY DIVERSITY INTERVENTION LLC. Experienced Behavior Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Professional results in different counties of Florida States helping clients achieve their relationships goals. Skilled in Parent Education, Adolescent Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral Health….
In our work together, we get to the problems as quickly as possible so you can take control of your behavior faster. Time is the enemy of treatment — the more you engage in unhealthy behaviors, the more difficult it becomes to break those patterns and pathologies. The sooner you get help, the better, and I am here to be as directive and empowering as possible so you can get well enough to live ...

Nicole Pizza, LMFT, NCC



I believe that everyone has the tools they need within themselves, sometimes we all just need a little help discovering them and mastering them. My goal is to help you work through whatever is getting in the way of your success and potential. Overall, I use a teamwork approach combined with empathy and knowledge to help you reach your goals.
I work with clients who may be struggling with family conflict, partnership phase of life issues and individuals seeking to meet their goals through strength-based methods to build confidence, empower families and partners to move relationships to the next level. During our initial sessions, we will explore the presenting issues then collaborate to create a strength-base goals plan.