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Dr. Martin H. klein is a Westport Fairfield psychologist therapist specializing in individual therapy, couples, marital and relationship counseling and executive coaching with senior managers and C-Suite exeutives.

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Therapist Overview

Why See A Clinical Psychologist
People go see a psychologist for a variety of reasons. Often they are interested in personal growth or improvements in their relationships and careers. Others want to understand how the past affects who they are and want to make changes to their personality. Sometimes people are in crisis or wanting help with specific life transitional issues or problems. Still others are looking for a more brief, focused cognitive behavioral approach to reduce or change specific behavioral patterns or symptom

Personalized Care
Dr. Klein will work with you to choose the best type of treatment necessary to meet you and your family’s personal psychological concerns. He is a seasoned clinical psychologist who specializes in individual psychotherapy, marital and couples counseling and executive career coaching. He treats teens and adults who are in crisis or need assistance facing everyday challenges. He works with couples who have interpersonal conflicts and intimacy and communication issues. Many people seeking his services struggle with work, relationship and family issues as well as symptoms of depression, anxiety, self defeating patterns, negative thoughts or irrational fears.

Caring And Compassionate Listener
Dr. Klein is a compassionate listener with a good sense of humor and a warm and engaging style. His approach is practical and down to earth. Each person is treated as an individual, and treatment is tailored to meet one’s personal needs. The goal of treatment is to achieve greater satisfaction, be more productive in your personal and professional life, and feel better about yourself and your relationship with others.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Insight-Oriented Psychotherapy
Dr. Klein practices cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which utilizes strategies to change unwanted thoughts and actions. He also applies more in-depth existential psychodynamic approaches, which focus on how both our past and current experiences affect the ways we act, engage and understand ourselves and others.

Couples And Marital Counseling
Dr. Klein helps couples pinpoint and understand the sources of their conflicts and work toward resolution. He will work with you to achieve a better understanding of the external influences and family dynamics that play a role in shaping your relationship and causes dysfunctional interactions. He will assist you in developing new strategies to solidify your relationship and regain trust and intimacy. The work will include learning how to openly communicate, problem solve and develop new productive ways to discuss, understand and accept individual differences.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness
Dr. Klein utilizes hypnosis to treat panic attacks, trauma, addictions and cigarette smoking cessation. He also guides patients in mindfulness and other relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Hypnosis in combination with psychotherapy is an ideal approach in working through past trauma related to childhood abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics. In many cases hypnosis can be used as an alternative to drugs and medications. Click on the link below to see a video presentation of Dr. Klein discussing and demonstrating the utilization of hypnosis for the treatment of anxiety:

Executive Career Coaching
To flourish in today’s work environment you need to be more than an expert in your field, you need to understand the cultural vision of the organization and learn the new skills necessary to grow with the company. You have to have goals and actions plans in motion that meet leadership’s objectives, know how to manage expectations and stay focused on tasks. It is important to build strong relationships, be a team player, develop listening and communication skills and understand your personal strengths and weakness. One must manage stress, reduce irrational fears and anxiety, and not only know how to accept mistakes but learn from them so you are not blindsided by your deficits in the future. And if this is not enough, you need to balance all of this with a healthy and fulfilling personal and family life to ensure psychological well being. As a clinical psychologist, with over twenty years of experience working as a senior executive and consultant to numerous fortune 500 companies, Dr. Klein has successfully coached numerous C Suite senior executives and professionals in the financial, medical and technology fields on how to improve their job and personal situation from both a psychological and business perspective. His coaching approach in the field of finance has been favorable written about in Barron’s Magazine.

Practical and Warm Engaging Style
Dr. Klein’s background in existential philosophy deepens his ability to work with individuals struggling with issues of identity, spirituality, meaningfulness and creativity. He is sensitive and respectful of different religious and cultural beliefs as well as issues related to ethnicity and gender. His compassionate approach works well with people who are going through loss and grief associated with the end of a relationship, aging, illness or the death of a loved one.

Dr. Martin Klein offers a complimentary phone consultation and will be glad to discuss services, fees and insurance questions. As a licensed clinical psychologist he participates in many health insurance plans as an in and out-of-network provider for plans such as Medicare , Anthem, Unions, United, Aetna and Cigna. As an executive coach, he can also provide a statement for services rendered that can be submitted as a business expense. He also offers video telehealth appointments, as a courtesy for individuals who are unable to travel to his office or are living out of town. Same day video and telephonic sessions appointments are available.

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