Are You Struggling With Marriage Issues?

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Relationships aren’t always easy. They take time, commitment, and work. There are some struggles that partners go through that they may seek counseling for.

Available Treatment Options

A relationship counselors can serve as a neutral third party. If couples decide to go to a counselor for marriage issues, they can expect an overall assessment of the issues. Most marital issues have at least some component of communication concern, so martial counselors often focus on effective and empathetic communication.

Counseling interventions for marital issues may also include fostering care and empathy in all facets of the relationship, spending time together, addressing specific issues and processing emotions, and reflective listening. A marital therapist may also suggest that one or both partners engage in individual therapy if they have specific mental health concerns.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Marriage Issues

Michael Johnson, Sr. LCSW

Cedar Hill


My objectives are to: ~ provide a safe/non-judgmental space to be seen and heard ~ partner with you in addressing your personal/relationship goals ~ provide you with real life approaches toward personal/relationship practices that promote honesty ~ identify unresolved issues that prevent personal/relationship growth ~ assist in developing self care skills/practices that heal rather than ignore ...
Are you searching for the skills to help yourself, your marriage or family through life’s challenges? Do you desire the tools needed for a relationship with effective communication and a loving connection? Are there areas of your life you would like to improve? The first steps in overcoming life’s challenges are (1) realizing you need help and (2) reaching out to effective resources. Expressing…

Parastoo Erdogan, LMFT



I love to work with action takers! Would you like to transform your life? Do you want to overcome the challenges in your personal journey? I will be honored to help you create the life that you have been longing for. Providing you a safe and kind environment to experience yourself and to feel supported are my main strengths that are going to motivate you to take action. My experience and knowle...

Tim Parker PhD, LMFT

Cedar Park


I work with couples, individuals, and families who want to live a life in line with what they value. Too often we feel down, depressed, or anxious because how we are currently living does not line up with what we value. I help guide clients to a values aligned life.