What is Depth Psychotherapy?

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Depth Psychotherapy focuses on the effects of the unconscious on human behavior, emotion, and the ability to achieve growth. The unconscious involves dreams, repressed thoughts or memories, and what Psychiatrist Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious.” The collective unconscious is how common archetypes and universal experiences connect all humans.

Depth Psychotherapy’s goal is to discover and integrate the parts of the self influenced by the unconscious into the conscious experience. These therapists work to establish a trusting relationship with you so you’re more comfortable sharing what can sometimes be difficult parts of yourself.

It uses guided visualizations with imagery, Socratic questioning, roleplays, and other tactics to assist you in connecting deeper parts of yourself. Through this process, you develop a greater sense of understanding and awareness. This awareness can help you approach life’s challenges with more empathetic understanding.

Depth Psychotherapy is best suited for individuals seeking a greater purpose and understanding of themselves and the human condition or interested in existential pursuits of inquiry.

Ultimately, you will grow more in tune with yourself and gain a greater awareness and understanding of yourself and life as a whole.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Depth Psychotherapy