Are You Struggling With Sleep or Insomnia?

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Insomnia is the difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. But many people who don’t have insomnia (sleeplessness at least three days a week for at least three months) may still have sleep issues. Lack of sleep affects people in their everyday lives and can be detrimental to their physical and mental health.

Available Treatment Options

Counseling interventions include cognitive, behavioral, and emotional strategies depending on each person’s individual needs. A therapist may examine a person’s thought patterns related to sleep. Are there unhelpful thoughts that are inhibiting the ability to go to sleep? Therapists and counselors also may use behavioral tactics, such as stimulus control or establishing bedtime routines. Additionally, if the insomnia is related to a trauma disorder, the therapist may attempt to help the person process the emotions and concerns related to the trauma.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Sleep or Insomnia