Are You Struggling With Divorce?

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Divorce, or the legal separation of people who were once married, can be difficult for partners, children, and any other family members involved. Counseling is helpful for each partner and any children affected by the change.

Available Treatment Options

Partners benefit from identifying and processing emotions in therapy. There is often a significant amount of hurt on one or both sides. Children of divorce may struggle to understand why their parents are separating, or they may be caught in a custody battle. Regardless of the specific situation, therapists can assist children in processing their thoughts and feelings and remind them that their parents’ decision isn’t their fault.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Divorce

Michael Johnson, Sr. LCSW

Cedar Hill


My objectives are to: ~ provide a safe/non-judgmental space to be seen and heard ~ partner with you in addressing your personal/relationship goals ~ provide you with real life approaches toward personal/relationship practices that promote honesty ~ identify unresolved issues that prevent personal/relationship growth ~ assist in developing self care skills/practices that heal rather than ignore ...

Heather McConnell



If you are feeling overwhelmed, broken, or just at a loss as to what to do to improve your circumstances, I can help. We will work together to help you process through and heal from the difficulties that life inevitably throws at us. I specialize in helping children, adolescents, and adults learn how to better understand the hard things that happen in their lives (i.e. difficult relationships,…
Are you searching for the skills to help yourself, your marriage or family through life’s challenges? Do you desire the tools needed for a relationship with effective communication and a loving connection? Are there areas of your life you would like to improve? The first steps in overcoming life’s challenges are (1) realizing you need help and (2) reaching out to effective resources. Expressing…

Michaela Levine

Las Vegas


I’m offering affordable sessions during this time of crisis. Feeling overwhelmed with life, are you exhausted from feeling anxious and depressed, we can change that together. I value the uniqueness of each individual and am therefore humanistic in my approach, developing individualized treatment plans that best meet the specific needs of each of my patients. I focus on symptoms versus labels, as…

Dee Majko



Are you feeling stuck? Problems are like snowflakes -no two are the same. Each person experiences life and the challenges that pop up in a unique way. As your therapist, I will help you explore, gain insight, search for meaning, and understand yourself. I provide therapy to individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship distress, and work-family balance. In my office,…