What is Existential Psychotherapy?

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Existential Psychotherapy utilizes familiar existential givens, such as the fear of death, human responsibility, and meaninglessness to engage individuals. The goal is to lead them to greater awareness of the freedom of being fully engaged in life.

Existential Psychotherapy posits that humans must recognize that, ultimately, life can have a sense of meaninglessness. Initially, this may seem like a bleak thought. But these therapists emphasize the freedom this realization brings. If life lacks meaning, people should do their best to enjoy each moment as it comes.

Another goal of Existential Psychotherapy is to reduce the anxiety that arises from questions of humanity. This type of therapy may be for you if you enjoy pondering the more challenging questions in life or you want to reduce fear about death and learn how to embrace life.

Your therapist will create a safe environment for you to ponder serious questions about the nature of humanity and your own life and death. This questioning and exploration can reduce anxiety and help you live a more authentic life.

Existential Psychotherapists believe each human is on their own journey, but a shared sense of suffering and anxiety leads to empathy for the human condition. They do not see themselves as the expert on life but will welcome you to begin your journey of pondering the ultimate truths of humanity.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Existential Psychotherapy