Does Aetna Cover Therapy?

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Nearly all Aetna Behavioral Health plans cover therapy for mental and behavioral health conditions. The Affordable Care Act requires that health insurance offered through the health insurance marketplace or small employers cover mental health services. While not required by federal law, most large employers also cover mental health services.

While rare, your Aetna plan may not cover therapy services if you work for a large employer that doesn’t include mental health benefits in its insurance coverage or your health insurance plan was created before 2014 when the ACA enacted its mental health coverage requirement.

In other situations, your Aetna plan may not cover the specific type of therapy service you’re seeking, or your coverage may not apply until you spend a certain amount on medical services.

To determine your copay log in to your member account, select “Find Care & Pricing”, then type “Behavioral Health” to find providers in your network.

You don’t need a referral when you visit any doctor in the Aetna network.

Learn more about Aetna mental health coverage.

Aetna Therapists and Counselors

Lisa Curtain, PMHNP-BC



My treatment philosophy centers around providing personalized and compassionate care to individuals struggling with mental health challenges. I believe in taking a holistic approach that considers the unique needs and experiences of each client. By fostering a collaborative and nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship, I aim to empower individuals to explore their strengths, overcome obstacles, a...

Jason Darden, MSN, PMHNP-BC


North Carolina

As a PMHNP-BC my treatment methodology typically involves a comprehensive approach that addresses the biological, psychological, social, and cultural aspects of mental health. Here’s an overview tailored to our practice: Collaborative Goal Setting, Medication Management, Assessment and Diagnosis, Patient Education and Empowerment, Evidence-based Practice, Self-Care and Professional Developmen...
At One Behavioral, I treat a variety of patients that include ages 18 and up and all socioeconomic ranges. Between our five locations, I aim to provide our patients with whatever they may need through our outpatient programs.

Joshua Werblin, MD



I offer an evidence-based medical practice that considers contemporary research and recent study trends. I adhere to the strict standards of care outlined by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. While every effort is made to minimize polypharmacy, the goal of treatment is your well-being and mental health, not a number, a dose, or a ...

Emily Cassidy, LCPC



I meet clients where they are, and provide support and tools in a judgement-free manner. I enjoy helping my clients navigate through challenges that come up in their lives, and at the same time provide tools to help manage their mental health long-term. Using strategies based primarily on cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approaches, I provide a suggested framework to help my clients succeed...