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Sex Therapy is talk therapy that focuses on issues of a sexual nature. This focus could include sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, sex addiction, relationship and couple’s issues, or gender and sexual identity issues.

Sex Therapy often involves partners, but it also could be used in individual counseling.

Sex therapists operate from the assumption that every human has sexuality or experience with sex. Just as issues may arise in other areas of life, issues can arise related to sex that counseling can address.

A partner may seek Sex Therapy if they have anxiety-related concerns involving sex with their partner. Sex therapists can help individuals work through emotions related to sex to help identify what is causing anxiety during intimate moments.

Couples may seek Sex Therapy to address concerns within their sexual relationship like expressing what they find pleasurable, what they don’t, and how they can come together to experience satisfactory and pleasurable sex as a couple.

For those questioning their gender or sexual orientation, Sex therapists provide a safe, non-judgemental space to explore their options. Sex therapists do not attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Sex therapists also can address sexual trauma in clients and the wide array of adverse effects. Some people seek Sex Therapy to assist them in coping with sex addiction, where sex therapists can help employ cognitive and behavioral techniques or trauma that has led the person to feel unhealthy in their sexual behavior.

Anyone interested in addressing sex, sexuality, or intimacy with their partner could benefit from engaging in Sex Therapy.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Sex Therapy

When individuals experience severe life stressors and traumas, it is not out of the ordinary for their lives to unravel. As human beings we have the power to overcome our greatest obstacles, so long as effort is put in place. The pursuit of growth brings its challenges, as well as its rewards. Through personal experiences with addictions, as well as its consequences, I've come to understand its...

Crystal Barrera



I am a licensed clinical social worker who has a passion for helping clients develop a better understanding of themselves and their lives.

Christina Lucey-Ventura, MA, LMFT

Los Angeles


In person and teletherapy available! I am an EMDR trained therapist who works with individuals of all ages, couples, families and groups. I believe that therapy is most transformative when the therapist positions themselves not as an expert or evaluator, but as a non-judgemental & empathic collaborator. My hope is to create a space for you to feel safe and supported and to have your multila...
I assist those whose anxiety takes over at the worst possible moments and you have no idea how to calm down or make it stop. I walk along side those whose depression, negative self talk, and low self-esteem has taken their life from them but can’t pinpoint the cause or “why”. I take a direct but compassionate solution-focused approach to assist you in reaching your goals.

Albuquerque Sex Therapy


New Mexico

I am an independently licensed marriage & family therapist who has spent the majority of my career addressing issues related to sex and sexuality. From couples who may be struggling to individuals concerned something is wrong with them. From adolescents/emerging adults with problematic sexual behaviors to parents who have concerns about their child's sexual development or questions about their...
Looking for a trained professional in sex abuse, sex therapy, sex and porn addiction or difficult mental health issues? So many things can get in the way of seeking help. Struggles and strains are painful, whether it comes from a relationship, family, work/school, or just inside you. Feeling helpless and hopeless that anything can get better? Well maybe it's time to trust someone to help you fi...

Affinity Sex Therapy



I am a fellowship trained sex therapist, studying under Dr. Eli Coleman, the nation's first endowed Chair in Sexual Health. One of the most important factors I have learned is that sexual health is very complex. However, it is important to understand that sexual concerns are best viewed within a couples framework. Addressing sexual concerns from this perspective helps to alleviate feelings of...

Switch On Sex Therapy



If you are feeling worried about the health of your relationship and sexual connection, you are not alone! Sexual problems are common concerns and are treatable. I am a sex and relationship therapist helping couples of all orientations and arrangements identify and heal sexual problems that impact their most intimate and important relationships. Let me help you reduce frustration, gather helpfu...