Tarik Djamil

Psychologist in Maryland


School: Florida School of Professional Psychology

Year Graduated: 2016

License: Maryland / 05996

Who I Serve

Caregivers want their children to thrive. However, parenting can be tough and modern life can overwhelm children and their families. Is your child overly anxious or struggles with low self-esteem? Or does your child experience repeated angry outbursts? Maybe your child has a hard time sitting still and focusing or your family is going through a divorce and you are worried on how to best support your children through these challenging times. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I am here to provide therapy to children/teenagers and their families to restore balance in their lives. Therapy works best within the context of a trusting and warm relationship between therapist and client. I have provided therapy services in a variety of treatment settings using different treatment approaches. I strive to tailor my treatment to the individual needs of my clients while also being mindful of their cultural background. Not sure if your child would benefit from therapy? Give me a call and we can t

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8607 2nd Avenue Suite 506A Silver Spring, MD 20910

8607 2nd Avenue Suite 506A Silver Spring, MD 20910