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Perhaps you are visiting today to obtain answers to confusion, peace in the torment, clarity from the chaos, healing from the pain. Maybe you just want someone to understand your pain. You might be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or hopeless. Whatever your reasoning may be, I am dedicated to help you achieve hope and healing. Thank you for taking the first step to work toward your personal healing journey. I am passionate about understanding, accepting, and empathyzing with my clients. I approach therapy holistically, which encompasses spirit, body, and mind. Through CBT, TFCBT, EMDR, Client-Centered Therapies, Mindfulness, Guided Imagery, Anger Management clients speak of being able to heal from traumatizing experiences, understand self-truths to increase self-esteem, utilize skills to flourish and to prosper in relationships, effectively create lasting growth and change in their lives. If you are looking for someone to walk along side with you in your path to wholeness, hope, and hea

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Orange, CA 92867 Call Mrs. Melanie Reyes

Orange, CA 92867 Call Mrs. Melanie Reyes