Katie Witcher

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My goal is to help you work through obstacles so you can fully live a life you love. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my approach involves understanding the relationship patterns of your life, from the family you were born into to your current relationships, to help you engage in more positive and meaningful ways with others. When relationships are working well they can invoke feelings of joy and satisfaction, but when they are not working well they can invoke very uncomfortable feelings that can lead us to react out of fear or desperation. I provide a place to explore those reactions and to learn how to respond more effectively. I provide therapy for many concerns such as anxiety, depression, life transitions such as birth of a child, infidelity, and family conflict. Using evidenced-based interventions, I will help you develop new behaviors that promote helpful ways of thinking, improved communication, skills to handle conflict, and ways to rebuild or strengthen your relationships.

Contact Information

3626 North Hall Street Suite 550 Dallas, TX 75219

3626 North Hall Street Suite 550 Dallas, TX 75219