Are You Struggling With Codependency?

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Codependency describes relationships where one person sacrifices their needs for the other, often leading to feelings of resentment, anxiety, and emptiness. Codependent relationships can occur between a parent and child, partners, or friends. These relationships may quickly spiral into toxicity and can leave one or both people hurt.

Available Treatment Options

Therapists for codependency involve examining a person’s thinking patterns to understand why they think and behave the way they do. Once this recognition sets in, people can then work toward changing their behavior. Other therapeutic techniques include practicing setting boundaries in the relationships, practicing self-care, and finding coping mechanisms that work when they feel intense emotions related to the relationship.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Codependency

When individuals experience severe life stressors and traumas, it is not out of the ordinary for their lives to unravel. As human beings we have the power to overcome our greatest obstacles, so long as effort is put in place. The pursuit of growth brings its challenges, as well as its rewards. Through personal experiences with addictions, as well as its consequences, I've come to understand its...
I work with clients who may be struggling with family conflict, partnership phase of life issues and individuals seeking to meet their goals through strength-based methods to build confidence, empower families and partners to move relationships to the next level. During our initial sessions, we will explore the presenting issues then collaborate to create a strength-base goals plan.

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