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*ALL SESSIONS ARE VIA VIDEO FROM YOUR COMPUTER OR PHONE* Are you feeling overwhelmed with life, work stress, family obligations, or struggling with healing from a divorce, childhood abuse, or an unexpected negative event that you just can't seem to get past? Do you find that your thoughts are constantly going over and over the same fears and worries and you just can't seem to get them to stop? You've tried your best and it feels like no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to feel better. It seems as though no one understands what its like to constantly feel lonely, sad, and anxious and you're tired of feeling this way. Imagine what it would feel like if you felt more confident, happy, and fulfilled in your life. You could think about your future and feel hopeful rather than constant worry and fear. Are you ready to focus on building skills to manage your thoughts so they don't keep you captive in a constant state of uneasiness? Why wait, let's get you feeling better now! If y

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Online Therapy for California Gilroy, CA 95020

Online Therapy for California Gilroy, CA 95020