Khem Mennefer Shepsutera

Therapist in Colorado


School: Hawaii Pacific University

Year Graduated: 2011

License: Colorado / CSW09925266

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I invite you to pause with me in this present space (intentionally) and take 2 deep and slow breaths from the abdomen (Back straight). What are you noticing in your body? What are these sensations (Dreams, Archetypes , Omens, Images, pain, fear, sadness etc.)? Where is it located in your body presently? Yes! the body keeps the score. It is a receptacle of programs in which we are oftentimes unaware we overlook; desensitized to its non -verbal wisdom. In fact, we generally weren't taught to slow down and pay attention to it during those crucial moments in our lives in which our self image and esteem are impacted.. How and Now?! I use an *Integrative* Gestalt approach (ie. CIGT) to clinically support our desire to assign meaning and our body's intrapsychic drive towards satisfaction. When there is *Unfinished Business* there is room for past trauma (Complexed and PTSD) to seemingly terrorize us in a variety of ways ie: night terrors, psychosomatic , panic attacks etc If you feel you mutu

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Denver, CO 80231

Denver, CO 80231