What is Gestalt Psychotherapy?

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Gestalt Psychotherapy emphasizes the innate dignity of the individual coming to counseling. The individual is the expert on their own experience, not the counselor.

Gestalt Psychotherapy focuses on the present instead of diving into a person’s past experiences. Practitioners of Gestalt Psychotherapy believe that a person’s experiences influence their perception of a given situation and use this idea to help people navigate growth and change.

Your therapist will pay particular attention to your perception of yourself and your current circumstances. Instead of offering ideas about what the counselor thinks might be happening, they will inquire about what you think is going on. The idea is that if you focus too much on the future or the past, you may experience anxiety, but only the present matters.

The environment is vital in Gestalt Psychotherapy, so your counselor will make sure the therapeutic space is safe and welcoming. They will hold space for your difficult emotions and experiences without judging you. They might employ techniques such as encouraging you to make “I” statements, practicing self-awareness, performing role-plays, emphasizing physical sensations in the body, and bringing attention to body language. Your therapist will work with you to make sure you are comfortable, leading to a higher likelihood you will be open to change.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Gestalt Psychotherapy

Lorraine Litovsky, LMHC

New York

New York

Struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship distress, low self-esteem, or simply need guidance on life’s journey? I provide a safe, judgement-free space for self-discovery & personal growth. Through active listening, thoughtful questioning, and evidence-based techniques, I will help you gain clarity, & set achievable goals towards health, healing, and happiness. If you seek greate...

Candice McDonald

Colorado Springs


When feelings of stress are beginning to build up and a loss of control seems to be more and more inevitable, I can help. If you are having difficulty dealing with every day life or that everyone is against you, then lets talk about it. Putting yourself first will help bring out the best version of yourself. By making the steps to seek counseling, you will develop skills to help when life throws…

Deborah Danner, Ph.D., LCPC, CADC, NCC

Rolling Meadows


Deborah Danner has numerous certifications in trauma treatment and focuses sessions on helping you become more empowered in your life. She uses gentleness, honesty, and awareness to help previously ignored parts of you be heard. Patience and self-compassion are the centers of her therapy sessions. Her ultimate goal is to help you regain control of your life and love yourself.

Ashley Gangadean



I love working with clients who strive for growth and healing through a collaborative process of self-discovery. When the stories you believe about your life and about your self begin to hold you back, it is time to examine deeply where those messages come from, whether they serve your greater good, or if they are even accurate. I strive to work with clients to re-imagine their lives and their…