Katie Pesch

Psychologist in North Carolina

Who I Serve

We're all doing our best, at any given point in time, with the resources we’ve acquired over the course of our lives. I approach therapy with that core belief and the understanding that everyone is trying to feel good and happy despite the inevitable pain and challenges that arise in our paths. Whether you’re suffering from recent or long-standing depression or anxiety, relationship issues or grief, a sense of feeling unworthy or lost, current or past trauma, or if you simply want something different for your life, working with a therapist can be a powerfully positive decision. It’s incredibly vulnerable and requires great courage, but you’ll be expanding your potential for experiencing contentment, strength, happiness, and wholeness. I offer therapy centered around empathy, emotional health, and psychological growth with adolescents and adults, as well as psychological assessment across the lifespan. If you think therapy might be helpful, I’d be honored to have the opportuni

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447 South Sharon Amity Road Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28211

447 South Sharon Amity Road Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28211