Tyler Addiction Counseling, LLC

Therapist in Georgia

Who I Serve

My services would best help someone who feels lost and hopeless in their situation. Someone who has completed treatment for substance abuse, but still struggles to maintain sobriety. Clients who seek my help will receive the utmost in professional care. This journey will not be easy, but I will be by your side guiding you and giving you the tools to break free from addiction. I can be your strength in times of weakness, give guidance for navigating social situations and offer suggestions to repair the broken relationships that inevitably happen during times of active addiction. I have a level II certification to help those with substance abuse disorders, which is my true passion. However, life has given me a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that allow me to offer coaching services for those affected by cancer, or dealing with kids who struggle in school. I offer a safe, judgment free space to unpack and make sense of YOUR STUFF. Never in life do we encounter two exact same life scenario's. Each person's journey is one like no other, and their life experience is seen through their eyes and felt with their heart. I have been given the unique opportunity to navigate my own journey through difficulties. Let me use my life experiences to help you through yours.