Susan Swift

Therapist in Virginia


School: James Madison University

Year Graduated: 1995

License: Virginia / 0701002631

Who I Serve

Hello! If you are feeling discouraged, alone, anxious or depressed, reaching out for support can be hard to do. It takes courage. My belief is that as humans we grow and learn in meaningful ways from the struggles we face. Working through the painful parts of life to find new levels of understanding or clarity is a challenging process. The right support can make this a bit easier. I'm interested in working with clients facing life stress, depression, anxiety, childhood issues, sexual abuse, substance abuse, eating issues (or other forms of self-medicating emotional pain) and those interested in making meaning of their experiences. I have 20 years of experience as a therapist. I've worked with all ages, with a focus on childhood trauma, sexual abuse/assault, substance abuse, eating issues, depression, shame and anxiety. My passion is providing a safe place for clients to know they are accepted and respected while exploring vulnerable parts of themselves. It can be hard to make the first

Contact Information

1820 Country Club Road Harrisonburg, VA 22802

1820 Country Club Road Harrisonburg, VA 22802