Lisa Bridges

Therapist in Maryland

Who I Serve

Are you feeling stuck -- whether it's due to anxiety, a change in life circumstances, or relationship issues -- because you've reached the limits of what you can figure out on your own? If you’re willing to show up, I’m here to help. I bring compassionate, solution-focused therapy and 20 years of experience to adults looking to break through barriers that are getting in the way of overcoming challenges or feeling genuine contentment. I specialize in issues affecting members of the adoption community but love working with people from all family backgrounds and situations. I'm happy to offer tele-therapy into my practice. My clients, some who have been wary about tele-therapy at first, have enjoyed the convenience and have been pleasantly surprised at the trusting bonds we're able to establish. In-person sessions available based on the comfort and safety of me and my clients. PHONE-ONLY SESSIONS NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME.

Contact Information

700 Melvin Avenue Suite 5 Annapolis, MD 21401

700 Melvin Avenue Suite 5 Annapolis, MD 21401