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YOU JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER. Trauma has turned you into someone you don’t even recognize. You’re constantly on edge and can’t sleep. If sleep does come, it’s often restless and filled with nightmares. You lash out at the people you love most and then feel tremendous guilt and shame; no one understands what’s going on with you. Or maybe you stuff the hurt, pain, and disappointment down deep inside where no one knows or sees it. You know how to put on a good face for everyone else. The emptiness and loneliness seem unbearable. Or maybe this describes your loved one who you can’t seem to reach no matter how hard you try. I specialize in EMDR therapy, which is an evidence-based approach to work through a variety of problems – traumas, addictions, depression, anxiety, and phobias to name a few. I welcome individuals, couples, and families who want someone with a non-judgmental, empathetic, and collaborative style. I provide my clients with a holistic approach to treatment tha

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333 3rd Street Suites 5 & 6 Laguna Beach, CA 92651

333 3rd Street Suites 5 & 6 Laguna Beach, CA 92651