Barbara Q Tobias

Psychologist in Maryland


School: The University of Georgia

Year Graduated: 1998

License: Maryland / 03996

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If you feel like your recipes for life have failed, you are at an important growth juncture. This is the crossroad where "expectations" and "reality" meet. You are not lost, you are right where you are supposed to be. You have probably been here before but this time you are paying attention. The vehicle that brought you here involves your relationships with yourself and others including love, family, work, friendships and spiritual relationships. A clear sign that you are stuck at the "expectation" vs "reality" intersection is when you are unable to move beyond disappointment, frustration, anxiety, anger, exhaustion and inertia. I am a psychologist who has learned as much from life and my clients as I have from my formal education. I have had extensive experience working with adults, men, couples, and groups. I believe life is our greatest teacher. I want to help you explore the meaning of your critical life events so that you can move toward a fuller and more meaningful life. I believ

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Temple Hills, MD 20748

Temple Hills, MD 20748