What is Expressive Art Therapy?

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Expressive Art Therapy utilizes creativity and the arts to promote growth and change. Examples of this form of therapy include language arts, visual arts, drama, music, and dance therapies. Therapists can tailor Expressive Art Therapy to suit your specific needs and interests. The possibilities for Expressive Art Therapy are numerous, as therapists also can combine this mode of counseling with other approaches.

People have utilized the creative arts to express themselves throughout history. Expressive Art Therapy recognizes the importance of self-expression. It can benefit those with a wide range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, substance use issues, eating disorders, and personality disorders.

You can gain a more profound sense of self-awareness through artistic expression, leading to a better understanding of the self. Your therapist will conduct assessments that include conversations with you about what you are interested in. If you’ve always liked music, your counselor might suggest you write a song about an experience you need to work through. If you’re interested in painting, your counselor might ask you to paint what a specific emotion looks like for you. By expressing emotion through art, you might be able to communicate your inner world more effectively than you can with words.

Most Expressive Art Therapists will also include a more traditional talk therapy component so that you can get the most out of the creative counseling process.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Expressive Art Therapy