Kimberly O’Connell

Kimberly O'Connell

Therapist in Indianapolis, Indiana

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815 East 63rd Place Indianapolis, IN 46220

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Now Accepting Telehealth Clients! I want to walk alongside you as you experience and adjust to transitions in your life. I hope to help you feel more balanced in your identity as together we build a solid foundation of love, care, and kindness for yourself that can help positively impact the relationships that are most important to you. On Families: Children have an emotional language that is expressed through play, imagination, and intuition. I would love to journey with you and your child to explore and experience your emotional worlds together. I believe that enriching your family system can bring about transformational change. I have been a licensed music therapist since 2006 and have engaged with children and families from all over the world in the hospital setting. This experience has helped me bring creativity and an experiential spirit to my practice as a marriage and family therapist. I offer family and individual counseling, music therapy, and integrate play into our work. Yo


815 East 63rd Place Indianapolis, IN 46220