Are You Struggling With Behavioral Issues?

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Behavioral issues are generally first recognized in school-age children. Their behavior may make it difficult for them to learn and grow at school. They also may have trouble getting along with siblings at home or peers on the playground. They may throw tantrums, get in fights, or use illegal substances. Additionally, some behavioral issues stem from trauma in early childhood or an unstable home life.

Available Treatment Options

Therapist interventions vary depending on the specifics of the behavior and the child’s experiences.

Therapy for children or young adults with behavioral problems may include parents or guardians so they can become involved in their child’s healing. Learning to deal with problem behaviors in a calm, fair way is critical to a child’s mental health. Play Therapy may help the child work through their emotions in a safe environment while playing with toys, completing puzzles, and engaging in games with the therapist. Family Therapy can be helpful if distressing family dynamics are causing the child to have more problematic behaviors.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Behavioral Issues

Leon Ginn



Ginn Counseling, LLC, provides virtual therapy to individuals, couples, and families in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and all of Pennsylvania. Click here to meet our therapist, Leon Ginn, MSPC, LPC.

Idris Gaines MSW



I provide therapy for children and families. I am passionate about helping individuals reach their goals and creating positive change. My focus is to work in collaboration with you to understand your needs and develop the most appropriate plan to aid you in your goals.

Parastoo Erdogan, LMFT



I love to work with action takers! Would you like to transform your life? Do you want to overcome the challenges in your personal journey? I will be honored to help you create the life that you have been longing for. Providing you a safe and kind environment to experience yourself and to feel supported are my main strengths that are going to motivate you to take action. My experience and knowle...

Robert Rosolanko, LSW


New Jersey

Accomplished, multi-faceted individual with over 15 years of experience in the retail marketing industry before moving into the chemical dependency, medical coding and social work fields for the past 15 years. Proven ability to plan, administer, coordinate and execute successful programs. Strong team leader with a track record of coordinating effectively with a wide range of sources to achieve ...